Eyewear Fashion at FSO

Winter is almost over and its time we get ready for Spring.  At FSO we have all the name brands and styles you are looking for.  We also carry brand name sunglasses.  Take a look below.  

How to rinse your eye.

Many of us at a time or other have had a pesky object in our eyes. Truth be told many times there is no need to be worried.   However, if any chemicals, sharp objects or sharp pains have occurred visit your eye doctor right away.  For moderate eye irritation the following steps are highly

Can you see clearly? Don’t become part of the statistics

Every year in America thousands of people hurt other people while driving.  Many of these people do not do it intentionally.  These accidents happen because of bad eye sight at night that does not allow drivers to see clearly. Blurred vision when driving at night is an indicator that you might have developed some myopia

Do you know the health of your eyes?

Our eyes are one of the most important parts of the body and most sensitive.  Our eyes can say a lot about our general health.  How well do you know the health of your eyes?  Opticians recommend to everyone to get their vision checked once per year.  With so many eye care issue, you can