Many of us at a time or other have had a pesky object in our eyes.

Truth be told many times there is no need to be worried.   However, if any chemicals, sharp objects or sharp pains have occurred visit your eye doctor right away.  For moderate eye irritation the following steps are highly recommended for you to rinse your eyes safely.

  • Don’t rub.
  • Wash your hands.
  • If your wearing contact lenses, remove them first.
  • Gently apply cool water to the eye, make sure its not too cold or to hot.
    • You can do this by using your hands to create a bowl shape and allowing water to go in while putting the eye over the water.
    • You can also we a bottle of water to rinse your eyes.
  • Make sure that if you have any sharp object to leave it in and rush to the hospital or closest eye doctor.
  • Never use sharp objects to clean your eyes.

This tips can help you in a time of need.  Be safe and always make sure to get your vision checked by a specialist.